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Scrap Car Removal
We offer Auto Recycling and Scrap Car Removal in Vancouver,
Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey and more.
About us Services (778) 858-6264
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Scrap Car Removal
We offer Auto Recycling and Scrap Car Removal in Vancouver,
Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Surrey and more.
About us Services (778) 858-6264

Follow These Scrap Car Removal Steps Today To Get Rid Of Your JUNK CAR For CASH

scrap car removal

We pay CASH for your unwanted vehicles!

  • $50 minimum
  • Free pick-up & tow
  • Eco-friendly Recycling
  • Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

No matter if your car works or not, we’ll pay you CASH for Scrap Car Removal.

We recycle all types of junk cars. We serve a large part of the Greater Vancouver Area with our scrap car removal service, including Surrey, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Langley, North Vancouver and more.

Quick & Easy.

We work fast, and we can usually take your car off your hands on the same day you called us.

Once one of our courteous professionals receives your scrap car removal call, we will arrange a pick-up time and the amount of money you will get for your car. After that, we’ll swing by and get the vehicle out of your way. You get paid, we take the car off your hands!

Why Choose CTR Scrap Car Removal

Fast Service

We finish the job fast. We’ll get your unwanted vehicle out of your way and put cash in your hand in no time. Free pickup and tow. Call Now: (778) 858-6264

Honest Quotes

We pay the most for your junk cars and give our customers honest scrap car removal quotes for recycling their car. Get what you deserve. Call Now: (778) 858-6264

Go Green

CTR Auto Recycling is proud to be green. We recycle our cars responsibly and are glad to contribute to cleaning up BC’s junk cars. Call Now: (778) 858-6264

Scrap Car Removal Services

Servicing Hundreds Of Customers Near you
Free Scrap Car Pickup

We offer free pick up of your scrap car removal vehicles. If you’re looking for scrap car removal, give us a call and we’ll get the job done fast and put cash in your hand.

$100 Minimum For Your Junk Car

The minimum amount of cash you will get paid for your scrap car is $100. We give our customers honest quotations for their unwanted vehicles depending on the condition and size. Get the highest value for your vehicles from CTR Auto Recycling.

We Accept All Types of Vehicles

Whether your car is working or not, we’ll pay you cash for your junk cars. Don’t let your vehicles take up space. Give us a call today.

Eco-friendly Recycling Process

Our scrap car removal recycling process is safe and responsible. We want to get all the scrap cars off the road and help clean up beautiful British Columbia.

Where Ever You Are, We’ll Come To You

We serve a wide area in British Columbia including Surrey, Maple Ridge, Vancouver, Delta, Richmond, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Abbotsford, White Rock. Just give us a call or send us an email and our friendly team will be able to assist you with getting paid for your junk car removal.

scrap car removal

About Our Scrap Car Removal Service

Are you looking for a Scrap Car Removal Service?

We specialize in Scrap Car Removal and Auto Recycling – call today to speak with one of our friendly staff members that will answer any of your scrap car removal questions. We serve several locations and will come to you to pick up your car – free of charge. Once we tow your vehicle, we recycle its materials in a safe and responsible manner. We are proud to say that our recycling process is green and good for the environment.

Get A Quote

    scrap car removal

    We offer scrap car removal for all types of vehicles. Regardless of its condition and whether it currently works or not. Just give us a call and we’ll pick it up!

    • Free Scrap Car Removal
    • Snow, Rain, or Shine…We’ll come to you
    • All Types of Vehicles: Cars, Vans, Trucks, etc.
    • Vehicles that are working or not
    • Any vehicle condition

    Our job is to help you get paid for your unwanted vehicles. We’ll assess your vehicle and give you an honest cash offer for it. From there, we’ll arrange a scrap car removal time and get your junk car off your hands as soon as possible and recycle it.

    • Honest and accurate offers for your vehicles
    • Friendly, trustworthy Staff
    • Same-day junk car removal service: We work fast!
    • We work around your schedule
    • Eco-friendly and Environmentally Conscious Auto Recycling

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In any neighborhood, there are bylaws to follow. It is likely that you are not allowed to leave a vehicle sitting dormant for an extended period of time. This is especially true if you are living in an upscale neighborhood. The consequence of leaving a scrap car in Vancouver sitting dormant is that you can be fined. There are many ways that you can get rid of the scrap vehicle, including calling a company that is in the industry of scrap car removal to get rid of it for you. When you call them, simply ask “How much will you pay for my scrap car?”

    You can tow the vehicle away on your own, but you may find it more beneficial to call a professional. The reason for this is because you can actually make a profit from your dormant scrap vehicle. Not only will you make a profit, but you will not have to pay the company to come and pick up your Vancouver scrap car. You may be wondering why a company in this industry will pay you for a service that you need. The truth is that they will also benefit from your scrap vehicle. Read on to find out the best way to scrap a car.

    The beauty of selling your dormant scrap vehicle is that they will make a profit from the usable parts of the vehicle. This is why they are willing to pay you money. There are some vehicle owners that search for the cheapest way to get the parts that they need for their own vehicle. Many times these are people on a budget and therefore do not want to spend a large amount of money.

    Many of the parts resold include:

    • Steering wheels
    • Windows
    • Doors
    • Bumpers
    • Motors
    • Seats

    The number of parts that can be resold is unlimited. And as long as there is a need for spare parts, there will be people willing to make the purchase. When you begin your search for a company that will pay for your scrap car, there are certain places you should look at.

    When you are in need of getting rid of your Vancouver scrap car, the first place that you will want to call is a local auto recycling company. There are many to choose from, but there is a way that you can narrow them down. Make sure that you hire an auto recycler that will be able to pay you for your dormant vehicle on the spot and with cash, as well as scrap the vehicle in a way that won’t harm the environment. You may also want to get quote in advance to better make a decision.

    When it comes to how much money they will give you, it can depend on a few different things.

    There are some companies that will offer quotes for your vehicle before seeing it. However, it is more common for these companies to offer a quote after seeing the vehicle in person. A few of the things that will be taken into consideration are the type of vehicle that you own, the mileage, and why it is sitting dormant. This is the reason it is wise for you to get several quotes before actually selling it to an auto recycler. Make sure that you are getting the highest amount that you can possibly get. There are a few other things that you should keep in mind about the process of selling a scrap car.

    There are many benefits of getting rid of your unwanted or dormant vehicles. In Vancouver, street parking is very limited and harsh fines can be given for leaving your scrap car to sit on the side of the road for long durations.

    Below are the main benefits associated with hiring a scrap car service provider to get rid of your old car, truck, or van:

    • Get paid cash on the spot for selling your scrap car to an auto recycler
    • No need to worry about paying to tow your car to a scrap yard – auto recyclers will pick up your vehicle for free!
    • Avoid having to pay parking tickets for your unused vehicle
    • Enjoy an extra parking spot that your old scrap car would’ve been using
    • Avoid paying hefty amounts to get your car back in the event you car is impounded

    After you have sold your vehicle to a scrap car company, you should be given documents that confirm that you have scrapped your car. This is an important part of the transaction for many reasons. The main reason is to prove that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle in the event that it is sold to someone that uses it for criminal activity. Although many recyclers simply sell the parts on the vehicles that they purchase, sometimes the vehicle as a whole can be sold.

    As long as the auto recycling company you sell your car to is reputable, you will not have any problems. Also, when you work with a reputable auto recycling company, you will experience a smooth and fast transaction.

    When you call for a quote, the company may want to know if your car is complete. This means that they will want to know if your vehicle has some of the essential parts like the engine, wheels, gearbox and more. The more parts that your vehicle has installed, the higher your quote will be. If the company intends on placing the vehicle in the junkyard to sell the parts, they will want to make sure that there are many parts to choose from for their customers.

    It is common for the dormant vehicles to be placed in a junkyard that is owned by the recycling company, in which customers can pull off the parts that they need. This is the main reason many auto recycling companies prefer vehicles that are complete. However, many of them will pay for incomplete vehicles as well. When a customer finds the part that they need, they will be able to pay the auto recycler a fraction of the cost that they would have to pay for a new part. This is the type of situation that is a great for everyone involved.

    If you have had your dormant scrap vehicle sitting for a long period of time, it is wise for you to get rid of it. Call a company that can pick up your vehicle – rain or shine. It can really help if they pick up your scrap vehicle, especially if you do not intend on making any repairs.

    You can sell the dormant scrap vehicle and use the funds towards a new one, or you can simply spend the money as you please. There is no need for you to risk being fined for something that you cannot drive. Sell it to an auto recycler and make the best of your situation.

    If you choose a company that has fast and friendly 24 hour service, you cannot lose. You’ll be glad that you did!

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